We are a team of consultants with PhD and MBA degrees earned at the leading Universities in Canada and with 10 years of academic consulting experience. We offer thesis / dissertation consulting services to Master's and PhD students.


  1. We have an initial complementary conversation.
  2. We agree on the goals to be achieved and deadlines to be met.
  3. We work with you towards achieving your goals and meeting your deadlines.
  4. We support you throughout the whole journey until your work has been fully approved and accepted.


  • Research Papers / Coursework
  • Research of Topic for Thesis / Dissertation
  • Research Proposal
  • Literature Review for Thesis / Dissertation
  • Research Methodology
  • Data Collection for Research
  • Statistical Data Analyses
  • Discussion of Research Results vs. Literature Review
  • Defence of Thesis / Dissertation
  • Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications
  • Referencing of Academic literature sources
  • Audit of Academic References
  • Formatting of References in any Academic Style

General Inquiries: unitra@outlook.com

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