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Choice of journal for publication

When choosing a journal for publication, you need to take into account a large number of factors including but not limited to the journal's outreach, its reputation in the academic world, the educational establishment's preferences towards scholarly journals, the number of contributors, language of publication, among many other factors. If you find yourself struggling with choosing a scholarly journal for your publication, talk to us. We will do a thorough research of all potentially available options and present you with a number of options fully backed up by a professional, PhD-level research.


Preparing text to the requirements of the journal

Virtually every article published in a peer-reviewed scholarly journal has an introduction, a literature review, a methodology, a presentation of analysis, and a discussion / conclusion parts. Apart from this, every journal may ask you to submit such extra documents as a cover letter, an abstract, a statement of scientific contribution of your article, a title page of your publication, a declaration about a conflict of interest. These, in turn, need to be organized in a particular fashion to attract attention and get your reader be willing to consider your article for publication. If you find yourself struggling with how to organize your article or need assistance in literature review or analysis, talk to us. We will work with you through preparing your article for submission to your journal of choice and to a set deadline.


Comprehensive editing of text prior to peer reviews and after peer reviews

Prior to submitting your article for a peer review, you may want to have an experienced writer to check the flow of your text and review the visuals and prepare your text in accordance to what reviewers are looking for. After you have submitted your article and received several reviews, you will need to address your reviewer's comments in every detail. If you find yourself pressed on time and working to a very tight deadline getting your article ready for the first submission and / or re-submitting it after peer reviews, talk to us. We will work with you to ensure that your article meets all of the requirements of your journal of choice and that your re-submission meets your reviewers' expectations.


Auditing of references

Scholarly publications in peer-reviewed scholarly journals require a large number of references. It is easy to miss or omit a reference here and there, especially when the work is being completed by several people. Once complete, oftentimes there is no time to audit the references one by one. This however is necessary to ensure that the publication does not get rejected only because of a few missing references. If you are working to a tight deadline and need an extra pair of experienced eyes to audit your references, talk to us. We will work through your publication's reference list one by one to check if every reference mentions the right source, whether the reference is complete, and find and fill in missing references, if any. We will work with any number of references from 50 to 1,000, and we will work to a set deadline.


Formatting of references to the required format

Virtually every peer-reviewed scholarly journal sets very particular requirements towards how their published materials have to be referenced. Formatting a few references may be an easy job, it does get more complex when you have hundreds of them. Referencing software may be of help here, however experience shows that it is not as reliable when you are working with a large number of references. Your safest bet is to do all references by hand, unless you are specifically required to do them in a referencing software of the journal's choice. If you find yourself lacking time to format your references to the requirements of the journal of choice, talk to us. We will format any number of references (from 50 to 1,000+) in any academic format including but limited to APA, Chicago, Harvard, IEEE, MLA, Vancouver. We will complete the work manually or using a referencing software of your choice (e.g. CiteThisForMe, EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, etc.), and we will work to a set deadline.


Formatting of text to the requirements of the journal

Similarly to strict requirements towards a referencing style, each peer-reviewed scientific journal sets strict requirements towards every publication's format. This includes but is not limited to page numbering, margins, indents, spacing, how illustrations are presented and positioned, among many other factors. Not following these guidelines may delay publishing your article rather significantly or even have your publication rejected. If you find yourself pressed on time to format your article to the requirements of your journal of choice, talk to us. We will format your document meticulously to the requirements and complete the work by a set deadline.

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