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Lana Guzman, MBA Lana holds MBA from HEC Montreal in Montreal, QC. She also holds Bachelor of Business Administration from The Hague University in The Hague, The Netherlands and Bachelor of Finance and Bachelor of Economics from Russian Plekhanov Academy of Economics in Moscow, Russia. She worked for such global brands as Philips Electronics in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Samsung Electronics in Moscow Russia and in close cooperation with the global HQ in Seoul, South Korea. There Lana was responsible for competitor, consumer and market intelligence, advertising analytics proving to be an innovator and a trend-setter in developing and implementing new data analytics and intelligence techniques. She also worked for a high-tech start-up in Calgary, AB achieving groundbreaking business development results.

At UNITRA, Lana specializes in analytical writing, editing and translating. She works in English, Spanish, Russian, Dutch, and German.


Dr. Edgar Guzman Dr. Guzman holds PhD in Statistical Hydrology from INRS-ETE in Quebec City, QC. He also holds MSc in Meteorology from UQAM in Montreal, QC and BSc in Physics of Solid State from UNAM in Mexico City, Mexico. He has worked in University of Saskatchewan, has been a visiting scientist in Environment Canada as well as worked on projects in NCAR in the United States. Through his research and writing, Dr. Guzman achieved outstanding scientific research results and made a number of discoveries that were implemented by a provincial government and on a nation-wide scale in his area of expertise. He is the primary author of 13 scientific publications and a reviewer in six peer-reviewed scientific journals.

At UNITRA, Dr. Guzman specializes in statistical analysis and writing, and translates scientific and other types of documents. He works in English, French and Spanish.

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